Party Ideas For Pre-Teens

I love it now that my kids are a little older. It is so nice to be able to have a party at home, away from the plastic nightmare of McDonalds’ party rooms. My kids love having their friends over especially to parties. I know that having a party at home can mean more preparation and cleanup but it is worth it to be able to give them a real party, rather than a plastic one!

Here are some great ideas for parties suitable for pre-teen kids that you might like to try. None of them cost a lot and you don’t need to pay for entertainers.

Clown Parties: Have the kids come dressed as clowns. The activities can include juggling competitions (use very soft balls!), painting their faces as clowns, making clown masks, balloon blowing and so on. Simple, fun and easy.

Army Parties: Boys love these. Come dressed in army gear (or at least in old clothes). You’ll need a whistle for authority on this one! Set up boot camp on your backyard. Obstacle courses are fun. Incorporate whatever you have handy. Up the slide, swing on the swing, climb over the seat, 4 throws at the basketball hoop, bean bags into the bucket, star jumps etc. If you have some spare tyres you can lay them out to walk through. Bird netting held about 60cm above the ground is great to wiggle under. Just use your imagination. Keep the theme going with the prizes. The $2 shops always have army coloured toys – jeeps, compasses, binoculars, toy soldiers. If the day is wet you can always declare war on the toy soldiers and knock them over with marbles!

Sports Parties: Good, active and fun. Either select a sport as your theme, or create a sports carnival. Try some fun races and skill competitions. Think egg and spoon races, banana relays (gets a bit slippery and it is hilarious!) tunnel ball, crawling races and so on. Remember to keep the activities suitable even for the ‘sport challenged’ and then everyone will have a good time.

Dance Parties: Some music and coloured lights make an instant disco. Add glowing tube necklaces and turn down the lights for atmosphere. They are great prizes too. Try some simple dance competitions and get them doing the Nutbush and Macarena.

Idol Parties: What child doesn’t want to be famous? How about karaoke? Play Station Sing Star? Throw in a fake microphone and plastic sunnies and how cool a star will they be? You can be paparazzi and shoot some photos while they sing. Print a few out to take home in their loot bags.

Pamper Parties: Always a favourite. You will need a helper with this one, and make sure the area you use is safe if water is spilt on the floor. Let them soak their feet in scented water, paint their nails, put on makeup. Don’t forget the headbands to keep their hair off their faces for the real spa look. Play games like “Pin the Lipstick on the Donkey”. It is hilarious to see where that lipstick ends up!

None of these parties involve a lot of work, or mess., but the kids will love them. Just pick your theme and tie it into everything from games to prizes and even the birthday cake.

Go ahead and have some fun. I think it is as much fun for the parents devising the ideas as it is for the kids who are partying!

How To Throw a 13th Birthday Sleepover Party For Your Daughter

Your daughter is celebrating her 13th birthday and she wants to have a slumber party. No doubt they will have a slumber party at least once in their childhood life and what better time. Here are some ideas on how to plan and throw a successful 13th birthday slumber party covering things like food, activities and party favours.

Junk food is generally synonymous with sleep-over parties but you will have to determine the right amount of junk food as you do not want to be dealing with kids high on sugar and refusing to sleep. Maybe avoid the soft-drinks and opt for juice and water instead. Treat them to chips and birthday cake along with healthy options of fruit and cut up vegetables with dips.

A good idea is having them make their own dinner, something simple like pizza or tacos. For example with the pizzas, buy pre-made pizza crusts, set up all the ingredients at different stations and they can fill it with their own fillings to bake in the oven. For dessert have a small cook out with a small fire and roasted marshmallows or even a sundae station where again, set up stations with different toppings and they can choose what they want.

Prepare or have the girls prepare a healthy breakfast to balance the junk from the night before. A mini breakfast buffet of various cereals, fruit, and toast with a selection of spreads, scrambled eggs and pancakes with fruit toppings are just a few ideas.

There are so many activities that the girls can do at a sleepover. They can have a pamper party where they can enjoy getting a spa and beauty treatment. Arrange supplies like shampoo, makeup, hair dryer and manicure and pedicure supplies. You can stock up on foot-soaks, nail polish and face masks and they do not have to be expensive for the girls to have fun. Organise help from family or friends where the girls go around the different pamper stations. Have each girl bring over a couple of their favourite outfits and have a fashion show at the end of it, complete with lots of photos so they can remember the fun on the night.

No sleepover is complete without a movie night. Have each girl choose or bring over a movie and have a friendly vote or randomly choose which ones they are going to watch. Of course, have popcorn on hand.

Although it is wise to have things planned and to be organised for a slumber party, allow the kids some space to decide what they want to do. Take a step back and do not hover over the party the entire night. Give them their own fun and gossip time. Also, some time outside in the backyard is probably a good idea, not only to get some fresh air but to also wear themselves out a little bit otherwise you could be in for a very long night of sleepless girls high on excitement and sugar.

There are plenty of games to choose from for successful sleepovers. There are the usual truth or dare, scavenger or treasure hunts, charades, heads down thumbs up, and celebrity heads are just a few. You may opt to have prizes for the games but it is not necessary for most games. If you do have prizes, they simply need to be small giveaways that all young girls would love to receive such as a lip-gloss, cosmetic bag or writing stationery.

Invitations and Party Favours
Create excitement amongst invitees with specially designed invitations. Be creative and use images that represent a sleepover such as a toothbrush, pyjamas or a pillow. It can be a fun and creative project with your daughter too.

When the parents pick up the girls at a designated time the next morning have party favours ready for them to each take. These can be costume jewellery, fashion accessories, nail polish and other inexpensive items found at the dollar store. Or you may want to continue with the sleepover theme and prepare DIY favour bags shaped like a pillow or another item representing a sleepover, filled with a toothbrush, sleeping mask, bed socks etc. You can give it to each invitee as they arrive at the party so they can use it during the party or the next morning as they leave so they can remember all the excitement of a sleepover.

Top Ten Adult Party Themes to Wow Your Guests

Looking for great adult themes for your next get together? Who said kids are the only ones who can enjoy a fun theme party?

You may not want clowns, balloons, or a petting zoo for your next adult party, but how about a pirate theme! There are literally hundreds of ideas for adult party themes that will really wow your guests. Here are the top 10 adult themes in no particular order.


Did you and your friends sow your wild oats during the 60’s? Perhaps it was the 80’s or another era in time altogether. You can have great fun setting up a decade theme party. Your imagination is truly the limit for this type of themed party, you can even choose a time period before you or your friends were born!


Sunny skies, warm beaches, and hula dancers are some of the things that come to mind when you think about a Hawaiian themed party. Most of these adult parties will lean toward the luau style. Set up a tropical paradise with lots of bright colors, leis, fake palms and grass skirt on everything! Popular drinks for a luau include mai tais, pina coladas, frozen daiquiris, and Bahama Mamas! Greet everyone with a flower lei and an aloha and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.


Can you say Yee Haw? How about Yahoo! Western themes are always a crowd favorite with blue jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and country western music. You can have your very own hoe down in the backyard. Typical western fare would include barbeque, baked beans, beer, and perhaps even a few shots of bourbon.

Movie Themes

Do you and your friends have a favorite movie? Gone with the Wind, Lord of the Rings, and even some of the popular horror flicks are great fodder for an adult themed party. Decorate in the style of your chosen genre, whether it’s the deep south or middle earth, and offer food and drink that coordinates. Your friends will love the chance to dress up as their favorite character. A movie theme is a great choice for upcoming Halloween parties as well.


There is a little magic in everyone, and what could be more fun than a magic themed adult party. Top hats, wands, and magician assistant costumes are total fun. If you wanted to go all out, you could hire a professional magician for entertainment.

Las Vegas

What happens at your party stays at your party! (At least if it’s a Vegas style affair that should be the motto.) Decorate with big fuzzy dice, black and red balloons, and provide green “felted” tables for black jack and poker games. Friendly gambling will be the underlying theme and your friends can come out in their most glamorous duds.

Harvest Theme

If you need a reason for a party why not the changing of the seasons? A fall harvest party is a very popular choice for ringing in cooler temperatures and celebrating the brilliant colors of the season. Leaf shaped invitations, pumpkin and gourd decorations, and fall activities make a wonderful party. Schedule a hayride, build a bonfire, and bob for apples.

International Food

Do you enjoy dishes from around the world? Create an international foods adult theme party. Your guests could dress in traditional clothing from around the world and bring their favorite foreign dish. Catering this type of party is also a great option.

Mardi Gras

Celebrate the spirit of Louisiana no matter where you live with a Mardi Gras style party. Massive amounts of purple, green, and gold decorations are a must, as are masks and beads. Beat the winter blues with this favorite adult themed party.

Girls Only

Want a night out with just the girls? Consider a sleepover, pajama party, or spa theme. Whether you are young or young at heart nothing beats a good old fashioned sleepover with movies, games, popcorn and ice cream! Pamper, share, or cry to a good old-fashioned chick flick with your girlfriends.


There are many adult themed party ideas you can choose from, these are just a few of the most popular choices. Let your imagination carry the day as you plan your next adult party. Go crazy or totally refined; it is all up to you!