5 Timeless Themes for Kid’s Parties

There’s an endless plethora of ideas for kid or baby shower parties these days like Hannah Montana, Cars, SpongeBob, or Shrek, but it’s the timeless party themes that last and bring the biggest smiles to kids’ faces. These ageless themes can be incorporated into the food, decorations, and games and will have your young guests laughing, playing, and having a great time.

Here are 5 timeless themes for kids parties.

1. Mickey Mouse – the penultimate in timeless characters is everyone’s pal, Mickey Mouse. Coupled with his friends Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck, these Disney characters offer a multitude of party ideas. Mickey Mouse and Disney products are available in most large party stores and you should have no problem incorporating Mickey into your party plans.

2. Superman/Wonder Woman – kids love super heroes! They want to be them, emulate them, and hang out with them. If your party is for boys, a Superman is fail proof to have kids running around enjoying themselves as they attempt to leap tall buildings. The same with little girls, Wonder Woman is powerful, gorgeous, and she can deflect bullets with her bracelets. Who wouldn’t love that? The super hero theme is enduring with the constant resurrection of old comic book characters into new movies. Kids will love it.

3. Pirate Party – pirates themes are everlasting, and, thanks to the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, kids are well aware of the bounties of pleasure that can arise from dressing up with an eye patch, loose clothes, and a play sword. You can play this theme up by having the kids dress up in pirate garb: vests, jewels, bandanas, eye patches, a parrot on the shoulder, a hook. Build the theme into your food and through to the decorations and activities. Plan a treasure hunt, complete with map and watch the kids go crazy with all the fun.

4. Princess Party – every little girl dreams of being a pretty princess with flowing dresses, a sparkly crown, and a castle and prince of her very own. This is one fantasy that can easily come to life with a princess theme party. Spoil your guests with food, decorations, and games to pamper their royal selves for a day. Pass out tiaras, scepters, and costume jewelry. Have everyone dress as their favorite princess and have a princess fashion show. The possibilities are endless, so play it up and have fun.

5. Winnie the Pooh – hmmm… a little hunnie for the rumblee of the tumblee. Winnie the Pooh and friends is one of the most timeless cast of childhood characters from Tigger, Piglet, Roo, Kanga, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Heffalump, Christopher Robin, and Pooh himself. Craft your own 100 Acres Wood to entertain your kid guests. Build the characters and theme into decorations, food, and games and it’ll have everyone bouncing like Tigger.