How To Throw a 13th Birthday Sleepover Party For Your Daughter

Your daughter is celebrating her 13th birthday and she wants to have a slumber party. No doubt they will have a slumber party at least once in their childhood life and what better time. Here are some ideas on how to plan and throw a successful 13th birthday slumber party covering things like food, activities and party favours.

Junk food is generally synonymous with sleep-over parties but you will have to determine the right amount of junk food as you do not want to be dealing with kids high on sugar and refusing to sleep. Maybe avoid the soft-drinks and opt for juice and water instead. Treat them to chips and birthday cake along with healthy options of fruit and cut up vegetables with dips.

A good idea is having them make their own dinner, something simple like pizza or tacos. For example with the pizzas, buy pre-made pizza crusts, set up all the ingredients at different stations and they can fill it with their own fillings to bake in the oven. For dessert have a small cook out with a small fire and roasted marshmallows or even a sundae station where again, set up stations with different toppings and they can choose what they want.

Prepare or have the girls prepare a healthy breakfast to balance the junk from the night before. A mini breakfast buffet of various cereals, fruit, and toast with a selection of spreads, scrambled eggs and pancakes with fruit toppings are just a few ideas.

There are so many activities that the girls can do at a sleepover. They can have a pamper party where they can enjoy getting a spa and beauty treatment. Arrange supplies like shampoo, makeup, hair dryer and manicure and pedicure supplies. You can stock up on foot-soaks, nail polish and face masks and they do not have to be expensive for the girls to have fun. Organise help from family or friends where the girls go around the different pamper stations. Have each girl bring over a couple of their favourite outfits and have a fashion show at the end of it, complete with lots of photos so they can remember the fun on the night.

No sleepover is complete without a movie night. Have each girl choose or bring over a movie and have a friendly vote or randomly choose which ones they are going to watch. Of course, have popcorn on hand.

Although it is wise to have things planned and to be organised for a slumber party, allow the kids some space to decide what they want to do. Take a step back and do not hover over the party the entire night. Give them their own fun and gossip time. Also, some time outside in the backyard is probably a good idea, not only to get some fresh air but to also wear themselves out a little bit otherwise you could be in for a very long night of sleepless girls high on excitement and sugar.

There are plenty of games to choose from for successful sleepovers. There are the usual truth or dare, scavenger or treasure hunts, charades, heads down thumbs up, and celebrity heads are just a few. You may opt to have prizes for the games but it is not necessary for most games. If you do have prizes, they simply need to be small giveaways that all young girls would love to receive such as a lip-gloss, cosmetic bag or writing stationery.

Invitations and Party Favours
Create excitement amongst invitees with specially designed invitations. Be creative and use images that represent a sleepover such as a toothbrush, pyjamas or a pillow. It can be a fun and creative project with your daughter too.

When the parents pick up the girls at a designated time the next morning have party favours ready for them to each take. These can be costume jewellery, fashion accessories, nail polish and other inexpensive items found at the dollar store. Or you may want to continue with the sleepover theme and prepare DIY favour bags shaped like a pillow or another item representing a sleepover, filled with a toothbrush, sleeping mask, bed socks etc. You can give it to each invitee as they arrive at the party so they can use it during the party or the next morning as they leave so they can remember all the excitement of a sleepover.