Organizing a Party

Party planning is so much fun. If you are enthusiastic and have the patience you can go all out and plan something different. You can organise a theme party for your 4 year old, a sports party for your husband or just treat your girlfriends to a pamper party! Here are a few tips to make sure your party is the talk of the town.

While planning a party the first thing to consider is the occasion. For example, a birthday party is different from a hen’s party! The things you need and the ideas you have will quite obviously, be different for both.

o Where are you planning to have the party? If you are thinking of a venue like a club or banquet hall then you must consider the availability of the venue, rent of the place, seating capacity and what time you need to wind up. Some venues have their in house caterer or tie — ups with other caterers so look into that as well, you also need to find out about corkage on alcohol.

o If you are thinking of having the party at home, make sure the space is big enough the fit all your guests. Inform your neighbors about the party so that they have no objection to the music and sound. If you have troublesome neighbors, invite them as well! It’s an age old trick!

o Think of the food you are going to serve. If you are looking at elaborate seven course meal then you will need some help for sure. A kid’s party doesn’t need an elaborate menu but you can try fun things like sandwiches and muffins! If you are hosting a sports or poker party all you need is easy finger food and beer!

o Invite your guests well in advance and give them a reminder a before the party. If you are sending out invites make sure you address them carefully and post them well in advance so they reach your guests in time. Include RSVP cards so you have a proper head count.

o Music is an important part of any event so compile a good playlist or hire a good DJ if the budget allows it. Good music is the key to a great party.

o If you want to try something different you can opt for a pamper party. Where you can chill out at home with the girls and have a great spa day. If your teenager is having a party for her friends suggest a pamper party for her friends and her. They can dress up, model and have a great party.