A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Preparation

Birthdays are very important occasions especially for kids. These are the days when kids are the happiest and go completely crazy with excitement. There naughtiness isn’t met with scolding on their birthdays, instead the kids are drowned in love and pampering by all dear ones. In all this one must not forget that with every passing birthday, a child is growing older and is coming closer to become a responsible and independent human. So it is the duty of the elders to instill values in a child that will help him/her in the upcoming years of their life.

Craft props for the party

On your child’s birthday you can indulge them into thinking theme ideas for their party. The themes can be anything starting from cartoon characters or favorite colors. Based on the theme of the party, you can help them make various props like headgears or masks. Dress codes can also be thought of based on the theme of the party.

Choose cake and other dishes

On a birthday, a child is the most excited about the cake. Nowadays with cakes of such huge varieties, one can leave the task of choosing the cake on the child. They can decorate the cake table with stickers, lights and flowers.

Invent new games

Games are necessary in a birthday party. New games can be invented from your child’s imaginative land and their rules can be followed to make the game more fun for them. For this chart papers can be cut to make game boards and the kids can draw the game they like.

Wrap return gifts

Kids are always excited to get gifts on their birthdays. The idea of return gifts should be introduced to the child and he/she can choose a gift for his/her friends. The kids can wrap the gifts themselves and can make a cute little corner to keep them. A sense of sharing can be developed by this.

Create photogenic corners

Kids have dreams of being filmed with their favorite characters or colors. You can help your child make a cool corner in the house with interesting backgrounds and other toys to make it an ideal corner for the birthday pictures.

Bring the nature to the party

Flowers can be used to beautify the place. The kids can water the flowers or indoor plants and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Create a mocktail corner

Kids love smoothies, juices, etc. A kid can help install a mocktail corner in the party and even give ideas for making chocolaty drinks!

Craft night lamps

Beautiful hanging lamps can be made from paper, boards and glue. You can have fun making some of these with your child. The lamps will surely impress all the guests.

A birthday is a fun day for a child. So here we presented some ideas to have fun with the kids and gift them a happy memorable day.

5 Timeless Themes for Kid’s Parties

There’s an endless plethora of ideas for kid or baby shower parties these days like Hannah Montana, Cars, SpongeBob, or Shrek, but it’s the timeless party themes that last and bring the biggest smiles to kids’ faces. These ageless themes can be incorporated into the food, decorations, and games and will have your young guests laughing, playing, and having a great time.

Here are 5 timeless themes for kids parties.

1. Mickey Mouse – the penultimate in timeless characters is everyone’s pal, Mickey Mouse. Coupled with his friends Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck, these Disney characters offer a multitude of party ideas. Mickey Mouse and Disney products are available in most large party stores and you should have no problem incorporating Mickey into your party plans.

2. Superman/Wonder Woman – kids love super heroes! They want to be them, emulate them, and hang out with them. If your party is for boys, a Superman is fail proof to have kids running around enjoying themselves as they attempt to leap tall buildings. The same with little girls, Wonder Woman is powerful, gorgeous, and she can deflect bullets with her bracelets. Who wouldn’t love that? The super hero theme is enduring with the constant resurrection of old comic book characters into new movies. Kids will love it.

3. Pirate Party – pirates themes are everlasting, and, thanks to the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, kids are well aware of the bounties of pleasure that can arise from dressing up with an eye patch, loose clothes, and a play sword. You can play this theme up by having the kids dress up in pirate garb: vests, jewels, bandanas, eye patches, a parrot on the shoulder, a hook. Build the theme into your food and through to the decorations and activities. Plan a treasure hunt, complete with map and watch the kids go crazy with all the fun.

4. Princess Party – every little girl dreams of being a pretty princess with flowing dresses, a sparkly crown, and a castle and prince of her very own. This is one fantasy that can easily come to life with a princess theme party. Spoil your guests with food, decorations, and games to pamper their royal selves for a day. Pass out tiaras, scepters, and costume jewelry. Have everyone dress as their favorite princess and have a princess fashion show. The possibilities are endless, so play it up and have fun.

5. Winnie the Pooh – hmmm… a little hunnie for the rumblee of the tumblee. Winnie the Pooh and friends is one of the most timeless cast of childhood characters from Tigger, Piglet, Roo, Kanga, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Heffalump, Christopher Robin, and Pooh himself. Craft your own 100 Acres Wood to entertain your kid guests. Build the characters and theme into decorations, food, and games and it’ll have everyone bouncing like Tigger.

A Great Idea for Children’s Parties

Organising a Children’s Party?

If you have ever organised a children’s party, you’ll know that it can be both expensive and stressful to plan the day – how will you keep the kids entertained and make sure no-one gets bored? How can you make your child’s party extra-special and the talk of the classroom?!

Why not call in the experts. There are many companies with years of experience in providing parties for kids – including birthdays, mums and daughters parties and even providing entertainment at your wedding or special event to keep the kids busy. Whatever the occasion, it may be time to call in the party planners. Whether your party is going to be held at home, in a nearby venue, indoors or outdoors, you are sure to find someone who can help and reassure you.

One of the great new trends in children’s entertainment is pampering parties for girls. These are often suitable for young children and teenagers alike, with different party packages aimed at the girls’ age group. For age 4+, princess or fairy-themed parties are a winner. However, this simply won’t be ‘cool’ enough for the older girls and teenagers! They might choose a spa party, slumber party or makeover.

The party planning company you choose should be able to advise you on the best party for your group. This is especially important when arranging parties for young children which involve makeup and skincare products. If you are entertaining other people’s children, they will likely need reassuring that the party is age-appropriate and products safe for use on young skin.

What You Need to Do

Call or email a few companies to talk through your party requirements. Find out what is included, and what you’ll need to provide. For example, will the party planners provide food, drinks or a birthday cake? Will they entertain the children or will they require other adults to be present? This may help you to decide which company to choose.

What Happens at a Children’s Pampering Party?

The pampering party company should bring along the required equipment, which will vary depending on what sort of party you have chosen. This could include pampering gowns and headbands, make up and nail varnish, dressing up clothes or crafts activities.

They should make sure all of the children are entertained and no-one is left out. Ultimately, they should take control of the party and leave you completely stress-free! What better reason to call in the party planners for your next children’s party?