Teens and Kids Pajama Party – Secrets, Snacks and Sleepovers

You’re never too old for a pajama party! Giggling with the gang, snacking on chips, ice cream and junk food you’d never ordinarily top up on; good memories from a more innocent time. For any teen or adult who wants to have their friends over for a sleepover, it can be a great idea to plan for a successful night of fun.

One important aspect of any slumber party is choosing what to watch. Younger partygoers might like to watch movies, or a show they all like. For older partygoers, nothing is quite as much fun as watching the old sitcoms we all grew up with. They’re a great way to reminisce and bring back memories.

Make sure there are plenty of snacks for midnight kitchen raids. You know you are going to get those hunger pangs so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and have some great party snacks ready. Make up platters of snacks with chips and dip and chocolate cake. These are absolute favorites for any pajama party guest.

Pick out a pretty set of pajamas for yourself so you don’t look like a mismatched mess. And don’t forget the beauty products so you and your guests can enjoy a night of pampering each other.

A pajama party is a great way to have fun and catch up on all the gossip with friends. More importantly, you can relax, enjoy the company of your friends and reminisce about your younger days.

Children’s Party Fashions – Girls’ Pampering Parties

Are you looking for something a bit different for your daughter’s next birthday? Or maybe it’s that all-important Sweet 16 or a celebration of exam results. Then you need to check out the latest trend in pampering parties.

Pampering parties usually cater for a range of ages from four upwards and may offer parties tailored specifically towards older girls and adults too. For the younger girls, why not set a princess or fairy theme? Guests can arrive in their favourite princess outfit or you could set up a magical dressing up box containing every outfit and accessory a princess could possibly need from tiaras to wands, hairbands, jewellery and anything with a bit of sparkle.

Once everyone is dressed to the nines, the fun really starts. If you book a professional pampering party, trained beauticians will offer services such as princess mini glitter manicures, glitter age appropriate makeup, glitter hairspray and bags of fairy dust. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Interlaced with the glitter-sprinkled pampering you could organise games and dancing, fairy cakes, treasure hunts or anything you can think of! For extra-special parties, the ever-popular chocolate fountain is a great talking point (watch out for messy fingers with this one!), face painting or even a special appearance from the princess of your choice could go down a treat!

One of our favourite ways of interpreting the pamper party idea is a get-together for mums and daughters. This is the perfect way to spend some special time with your girls. Best friends and family could bring their daughters along too for a fun packed party. Invite the professionals in and make the younger girls feel grown up and pampered for the day. Choose treatments such as luxury facials, back massages, make up application and manicures/pedicures. To help set the mood, choose some relaxing background music and wear your dressing gowns! Pamper party companies may offer to provide these for you. We can’t think of any better way to spend some special time with those closest to you.

Use your imagination and set up your party wherever you like; at your home, in your garden, at the local village hall or hotel. If you are going to use a professional pamper party company, make sure that members of the pampering team are all experts in their field and trained to work with children. It’s important to ensure all parties are age appropriate, and all products are toxic-free to protect delicate hands and feet. This is especially important if you are hosting a party for other people’s children! You can then reassure them that the party will be safe as well as fun.

Should I Let My Children Wear Make Up? Pampering Parties Are a Safe Way of Trying Beauty Products

Research recently conducted indicates that many children throughout the world are using make up at an earlier age than in years gone by. But is it right for a parent to allow his or her children to use these products? In my opinion, a health conscious parent should regulate the type of products that his or her child uses.

So, how safe are the beauty products that your children use? It is a matter of critical importance to keep an eye on what your daughter uses as she prepares for a girl’s party as most of the products can have consequential impact on their skin. Young skin is delicate, so natural products are best. This is particularly important with beauty products such as moisturisers and foundation – liquid products that are applied to a large area of skin. Eyes are delicate too, and it’s important to explain to girls that they should not share make up with friends.

A safe way for children to try make up for the first time is at a pamper party. These parties are growing in popularity as young girls want to try out make up, manicures and hairstyles. There are several companies offering to arrange this type of party, and they will be able to supply a trained beautician who can show the girls how to apply make up and choose the right products, whilst making them feel grown up and beautiful!

When booking a pamper party, make sure that the beautician is trained to work with children and teenagers. In the UK, this usually means being CRB-checked as well as fully qualified in the treatments they provide. The idea of a pamper party is that the beautician will bring the spa to you, so this means providing safe-to-skin beauty products for the girls to try. They may also bring extras such as foot spas and gowns to make the girls feel extra-special. Many pamper party companies have links to cosmetic companies, and may be able to arrange party bags with samples of their products. This is ideal if your children are trying make up for the first time as it will get their new make up bag started!

Girls are growing up faster these days and it’s impossible to stop them experimenting! However, you can make sure that they are trying out products that are not damaging to their skin by doing a little research. And try not to laugh when they show you their first makeover attempts!